Monday, February 4, 2013

Luxurious Styles and Great Service

2013 promises to be a great year for Lingerie at  There are many lingerie sites that are on the internet, yet many of them don’t offer luxurious styles and great service. 

G-StringBoutique has been in business since 2007 and has evolved into a premier lingerie site for many who want quality and a large variety of  intimate lingerie.  We offer best pricing, large variety and quick shipping since we stock what we sell.

Many sites make you think that they have the product, but once you place your order you may have to wait weeks or even months to receive your purchase. We ship the same or next day with a variety of shipping options available. All orders placed  with $75.00 or more receives free shipping!

We take pride in our selection of great lingerie to choose from, fast service and quality merchandise. Most of our manufactures are from Europe, who are on the leading edge of new fashion design.  

Be Bold, Be Sexy and create the romantic sensuous evenings that you have always desired!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adding some Pizzazz to your relationship with Intimate Apparel

I have to admit that in my early 20’s I never really thought much about intimate apparel. Thinking back, I was much too busy with work, kids, house cleaning etc to even ponder the thought. Boy that was a big mistake. In order to keep a relationship fresh and exciting just like when you first met; with the excitement and love radiating all over your face, you must first excite yourself. You must ponder the thought of sexy intimate apparel. There are all kinds of intimate apparel. You have choices of romantic satin gowns for romantic evenings to Hot and Sexy items straight from Brazil or France. Then buy yourself something such as Sensualle lacy thongs, Roza embroidered bras, sexy garters and stockings by Rene Rofe. Wear these items underneath your everyday clothing and see how it makes you feel! Imagine that you are hiding something from your significant other that will really excite him. You will start feeling sexy and desirable. Send your partner a hint via email or texting that you bought something new, maybe even naughty. The most important point is to tell him that you are wearing it now!

Men love women who wear sexy lingerie

For whatever reason many women think that wearing sexy lingerie is taboo. Men do not agree with this female assumption. Men are excited by visual stimulants; lingerie is definitely one of those stimulants. Ask any man what he would like his partner to wear everyday and in the evening. Sexy lingerie will be in that answer somewhere if not the only answer. Lingerie excites men in any fashion or form. If it sexy, revealing, erotic or romantic; men love it!

The Big Reveal

It is time to add some Pizzazz to your relationship. First tell yourself that it is perfectly ok to wear sexy lingerie everyday if you choose to. Trust me, it makes you feel good! Next, buy yourself something sexy. There are all kinds of on-line lingerie retailers with great products to choose from. Many retailers offer same day or next day shipping. The most important reason to buy from an “online” lingerie retailer is that they offer a huge array of sexy and erotic items that are not found in your department stores. Wear these new items underneath your everyday clothing and let your partner know that you have something new and sexy on. That will make him crazy with curiosity and excitement. Light some candles have a nice romantic dinner and sometime during the evening, give him just a peek of the new items you are wearing and he will definitely want you for desert!

We invite you to browse our store at to learn more about the types of lingerie available. Become a member enabling you to create wishlists, receive emails and qualify for discounts.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why Buy Intimate Apparel?

What is Intimate Apparel and why should I but it?

Why would anyone buy sexy thongs or micro bikini's? The bigger question is why not? It is a known and documented fact that "for women who wear something sexy, they feel sexy and feeling sexy starts with what they are wearing underneath". A woman may be wearing something nice as outerwear, but they know what they have on under those clothes and if it does not match the level of sexy they have on the outside, they are incomplete!

For men, they are visual creatures. All it takes is seeing a woman in a teddy and they are aroused. So men, do not think about bedroom lingerie only. Remember that exciting a woman starts with how they feel. Foreplay should start by ensuring the woman is wearing a sexy Brazilian thong, g-string or panty underneath.

A very important thing to keep in mind is that there are two types of intimate apparel. One type can be something worn underneath clothing (bra, g-strings, thongs, panties, etc.) and the other are made strictly for the bedroom (camisoles, teddies, etc.). When shopping for lingerie, understand the difference and be sure to purchase both types.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring is coming!

G-StringBoutique has added a new Manufacturer –LUXXA! Luxxa is from France and the French do know Lingerie. All of their Lingerie is hand stitched with care and craftsmanship. Luxxa is very popular in Europe and is gaining high recognition in the USA. Whether you are purchasing Luxxa for yourself or for someone else, you are purchasing a sexy and elegant lingerie product that every woman deserves. You can have the sex appeal and the Lux that every Diva desires all in one! Half cup or full cup bras, open or closed strings are available.

Lola Luna Swimwear has arrived! Talk about sexy! Wait until you wear one of these Brazilian inspired Bikinis. All the Bikinis have Halter Tie necks and backs to show maximum skin. The bottoms are not G-Strings but the cut is like a Tanga. This gives the buttocks nice exposure without wearing the” G-String” bottom. All suits are made with quality materials and high quality lycra. All metal embellishments are made of the finest Nickel so there will not be any rusting or fading.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Arrivals - Don't Miss Out!

G-StringBoutique is proud to announce that we now carry Roza Lingerie, Sawren Lingerie and Lola Luna G-Strings. If you have never heard of these three manufacturers, you have now! G-StringBoutique's specialty is bringing the finest is European lingerie to the US.

Roza Lingerie is imported directly from Poland. Roza uses the finest lace and beautiful embroidery in all of their lines of elegant lingerie. Roza is very prominent in the European market and this is simply because the quality, style and look of Roza Lingerie is remarkable. All their Bras and Panties are unique, elegant and sexy at the same time. These pieces are not found readily in the USA and will not be found in your department stores, high end boutiques, but they are found at

Sawren Lingerie is also imported from Poland. The embroidery detail on their Bras and Panties is magnificent! Beautifully designed and crafted pieces that any woman would be proud to wear.

Lola Luna is extremely popular in Europe. At G-StringBoutique we import their G-Strings from France. Absolutely stunning pieces that adorn your body like jewels. Speaking of jewels, each piece is uniquely crafted with embroidery, lace and lycra, and are adorned with unique jewelry. These are very special pieces for every womans special occassions.

Our experience and feedback tells us that every woman needs special lingerie in their wardrobe and statistics prove that both the ladies and the men purchase these beautiful pieces. Having that special something will always make the ladies beautiful and sexy, whether it is just for yourself or your significant other!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

To All the Men out There!

Did you know that MOST women love lingerie! I must admit that there are a few women that seem to have adverse effects to sexy lingerie. I haven’t really understood this because sexy lingerie makes a woman feel sexy and confident in herself.

Lingerie is a fact of life. Everyone wears it (well most everyone)! It is not going away and is here to stay. So why not buy the love of your life a little panty or two? They secretly want it but won’t ask for it. So it is your job to make sure that they have it.

Our On-Line store G-StringBoutique offers a variety of sexy & classy thongs, strings, briefs, open thongs, bras, body’s, & baby dolls. All of which were chosen for their quality and sensuality.

We import from Brazil, Poland, and France. You will not find these items in your department store. Our Manufacturers are SENSUALLE, WOLBAR, AXAMI, OBSESSIVE, ROZA, DREAM GIRL and ELEGANT MOMENTS.

Be the man that you are to your loved one and check us out. You both will not be disappointed.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Romance at it's best!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Why not try something new? If you haven't heard of Sensualle and Wolbar Panties and thongs, well now is the time. Our Sensualle line is from Brazil, and Wow... is it sexy stuff! Our Wolbar line is from Poland and this is our beautiful elegant line of panties, strings and thongs.

Which ever line suits your fancy the most, give our designer lines a try! You will not be disappointed.

How about a romantic dinner for two, a glass of wine, a sexy or elegant pair of panties, a little honey dust and massage oil from Kama Sutra and voila! A perfect romantic Valentine's evening.

But remember that feeling sexy and elegant is not just for a special occasion. Every woman has the right to feel special everyday of her life. Wearing our brands of thongs, strings and panties will fullfill your needs.